Friday 12 February 2016

3 5 luton van

For consumers, choosing the right supplier is always a difficult choice. The best assistance will come in the form of a recommendation from someone you trust who has used this company before and had a good experience. Failing that, how do you choose?

Accreditation from recognised bodies are a good place to start

To this end, we at the Shift it removals group are proud to say that we have today, been accredited by Which, on to the trusted trader scheme. We can add this to our accreditation by Hampshire county council, trading standards 'Buy it with confidence' scheme and also recent members of Checkatrade

Being approved and verified by these organisations allows us to present to the customer a confident approach, and allows the customer to have reassurance that we have been verified by an external body, or in our case 3 external bodies

We are subscribe to the free index review site where customer can go onto a totally independent site and read reviews of our work from previous customers

There are few removal companies who will have all of these accreditation, and along with our realistic pricing policy, and full goods in transit insurance and public liability insurance, we believe that we can provide reassurance to potential customers and maybe make that decision a little easier

Thursday 11 February 2016

A good start to the new year with removals from Hampshire and Surrey
Last week we undertook a 3 day move from Aldershot to Langport in Somerset, a 4 day move from Farnborough to West Wales and a 2 day move from Guildford to Newcastle, what a long drive that is in a lorry limited to 56 miles an hour!
We thrive on long distance removals, going all over the UK and Europe. However we often have to remind our clients that whilst yes, you can drive from Portsmouth to Nice in the South of France in 12 hours in your car madam, it will take two days in a lorry!! Not only are the lorries limited by speed, but we are also governed by strict driving hour regulations, that mean maximum driving time in any one day is 10 hours, and that is only allowed twice a week, with the normal maximum driving time being 9 hours.
If you have a move requirement coming up this year either to or from the continent, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also have fully secure storage facilitates in Gosport, should your purchase and sale not tie up, which is quite common when moving overseas
In addition we have also undertaken several moves in the Gosport, Fareham, Portsmouth and Southampton areas for numerous client
Just to finish this time on a marvellous piece of driving skill
The lorry is about 40 feet in length and weighs 18 tonnes,  and the incline about 1 in 3, and with a bend in the middle!!!
Next time you are worried about reversing into a parking space, just remember, anything is possible!!